Deposit for 5-Frame Italian Nuc w/ mated queen - 2018


Deposit for 5-Frame Italian Nuc w/ mated queen - 2018


Deposit for 5-Frame Nuc

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**PLEASE READ DETAILS** 5 Frame Italian Nuc  w/ mated queen: $170

$70 due now as a reservation retainer, $100 remainder due at pickup in May

5- Frame Italian Nucs available to pre-order! 

This year we are offering 5-frame Italian nucs, each with a mated queen, from an Arkansas state inspected apiary. The nucs frames will have all stages of brood, nectar and pollen. The nucs will be in EZ nuc boxes, established and ready to move into a hive box the first week of May. Pickup is in Conway.  If you are wanting to begin your backyard apiary in 2018, nucs are a wonderful choice, as they give you a jumpstart with the hive already being established. 

5 Frame Italian Nuc  w/ mated queen  $170

$70 Retainer fee* required to reserve your nuc, $100 remainder due at pickup. Please make all reservations as soon as possible, as we have a limited number of nucs available! You can also come by the store during business hours and make your reservation in-store. Brothers Honey is not responsible for the health and and life span of the hive and bees after the pickup date. It is our recommendation that everyone who purchases bees attend beekeeping classes in order to be educated and informed regarding the care and responsibilities required as beekeepers.


*Retainer fee is non-refundable